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How often do you thank for the things that nature has bestowed upon you? Seldom does anybody attain time to do tiny heedful gestures to the ones we love. Every day we might never more »

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There is no denying the fact that every individual leads a life that is filled with a whole lot of stress. This stems from the professional as well as personal responsibilities. The demands of more »

Life brings in a lot of challenges. People strive to face these challenges, but not everyone is successful in doing so. Many people break down and suffer mental trauma. There are several individuals who more »

All people face problems on a daily basis. Dealing with a problem depends on how big the problem is and the personality of the person concerned. An individual’s qualities, skills and abilities play a more »

Ever feel like you have harbored a lot of negative feelings inside you? Well, everyone can identify with this at some point of time. You very well know the kind of outcomes these emotions more »

Life can be a daunting challenge to live with keeping your motivation levels intact. It is essential for anyone to stay fresh with positivity in order to achieve success in their lives. Landmark forum more »

It is a common desire of every person to lead a happy and fulfilling life. A life with better future and a great standard of living is something that everyone craves for. In other more »

We all are human beings who are known to make mistakes and errors. No human being is perfect and each of one of us has their own limitations and capabilities. Persistence should be surrounded more »

I had lost interest in life after I was unsure about which career option to pursue. I was completely clueless about which stream was the best for my future. After my elementary school, I more »